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Effects of Backpage shutdown on Independent Oriental Escorts in London


"Anyone in the lucrative world of escorting will know that the classified ads site - one of America's largest advertising marketplaces, primarily used by sex workers - has recently been shut down by the FBI, due to concerns it was being used to advertise sex trafficking  and underage sex; other similar directories have come to the same fate.  Backpage has affiliates all over the world and was bringing in a huge amount of money for its founders.  Many people are thrilled about the shutdown, stating it was morally wrong to exploit women in this way, and an investigation found that 1 in 20 relevant posts could have involved victims of slavery.  COULD have.  Other users of Backpage - the sex workers, have taken to the streets to demonstrate their disgust, fear and anger at the total lack of foresight for women who choose to work as they do, saying it's an assault on free speech.  The majority have used the site to carve out safety, independence, reliable revenue and a community within their trade - this could now all disappear.  
So, what's next for sex workers?  For many, the focus will be on finding the next Backpage, or indeed going somewhere they will not have to compromise on their safety and financial needs.   Not surprisingly, London has seen a huge influx of independent escorts over recent weeks, women have taken that step to move here from America since they will be able to continue to work with peace of mind.  The market in London is becoming saturated so it's a good job there are plenty Escort Agencies to take on all the new independent escorts who are hitting town!  Our cosmopolitan capital has long been a hub for sex workers, women flock here from all over the world so the variety of beautiful escorts is unimaginable, from Oriental escorts to Brazilian beauties and everything in between!  Competition amongst the women is growing, naturally, but competition is not necessarily a bad thing, this means escorts in London will be upping their game, offering something that little bit individual, or that special something only they know how to do!  Oriental escorts are often well renowned in their expertise in massage which can often set them apart from other escorts in London.  There is a plethora of Oriental massage techniques from the pure stress release to the sensual and erotic, often taking years to accomplish the art.  I can't imagine the work will dry up for these magic-handed Oriental escorts in London, just too much pleasure to be had!"


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